Most would agree, the weather in Frisco has been quite volatile. One day it’s colder than Maine, then next it’s a perfect 70 degrees. With these sudden changes in temperatures, naturally will come changes to our skin and eyes. We have good bacteria on our eyelids but it takes just a little bit of change to tip the scale and get excessive bacteria. When too much bacteria grows on the eyelid, when there is an increase in allergies or when air pollutants increase, the eyelids become inflamed. Meibomian glands within the eyelid become clogged and the lid margin becomes red and itchy. If you look close you can even see greasy crusty flakes on the eyelid margin. This problem is called acute or chronic blepharitis. Eye doctors can see this condition any time of the year but it’s especially seen during weather changes or changes to the skin’s natural environment. Weather swings, an increase in allergens and a general increase in pollution, eye doctors are seeing chronic low-grade blepharitis in a majority of patients.

What frustrates the optometry community, is most people think they have persistent dry eye. The public loves to use light dry eye drops for any ocular symptom. The truth behind many dry eye cases is debris builds up on the eyelid margin and each blink brings more unnatural components to the tear film. With contact lens users this is exceptionally detrimental because the dirt and oil will get stuck behind the contact lens and will blur the patient’s vision.

Dr. Yee has been watching blepharitis cases increase and decided to find an all-natural way to treat this condition without drugs and harsh chemicals. Zocular products contain okra-infused Zocusome micelles that gently lifts and eliminates debris and greasy flakes from the eyelid margin. Because these products have natural anti-inflammatory properties, they do not have the same side effects as steroids or anti-biotics. Patients can stay on Zocular products for long periods of time without having to wane off them.

Avant-Garde is currently selling Zocufoam cleansers that can be used morning or night, along with Zocuwipes that can be used in the morning and lastly the Zocushield syringe for patients with aggressive cases of blepharitis. If you are interested in purchasing one of our products or would like a dry eye consult please go to ‘Zocodoc’ and for reason of visit write ‘Zocular.’


“Zocular works great over contact lenses! Not only that, it feels great on the skin. Great for contact lens clients.”      -Chang Lee

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