red eye exams

Red Eye Exams

Avant-Garde Optometry sees a wide range of red eyes. If your eye or eyes are causing discomfort, you have blurred vision, the eye is red, or discharge is coming from the eye, we recommend you come and see us. There are many things that can cause your eyes to be red. If the patient is not properly examined with the slit lamp and visual system is not assessed, they can easily be mis-diagnosed and given the wrong medication and the incorrect therapy. If patients wear contact lenses, then most inflammations are exacerbated by contact lens usage and an eye doctor must assess whether the contacts are cause of the symptoms.

Avant-Garde Optometry commonly sees red eyes associated with bacterial infections and viral infections along with inflammations associated with dry eye and eye allergies. Pain associated with a red eye is considered an ocular emergency and could be linked with Iritis and angle closure glaucoma. No matter what your symptoms present, we highly recommend you come in for examination.

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