contact lens exam

Contact Lens Examination

In the contact lens examination, the doctor will perform the comprehensive ocular examination and will fit and assess the patient for contacts. Dr. Yee fits patients in spherical, toric, monovision and multifocal soft contacts. We unfortunately do not fit hard contacts, RGP, Ortho-keratology lenses and Keratoconus lenses at this location. Dr. Yee works with many optometrists and can refer all patients who need the above lenses to an alternate location.

When examining the patient for contacts, Dr. Yee assesses the topography of the patient’s cornea along with the patient’s tear film. Once these factors have been considered, the doctor will make a recommendation of 1 or 2 different contact lenses the patient can try them for a few days. We then ask the patient to insert the contacts in their eyes and take a visual acuity with the contacts. If the visual acuity is un-satisfactory, the doctor will perform an over-refraction to see if anything improves the patient’s vision. Once the best prescription is obtained for the contacts, Dr. Yee then examines how the contact lens moves on the patient’s eyes. If the doctor is satisfied with how the contact settles and moves on the eye, she will then allow the patient to take the trial contact lens home. A contact lens follow-up is then scheduled for a few days to a week. At the follow-up the doctor asks which contact lens worked best with the patient’s eyes. If neither contact lenses worked well with the patient’s eyes, Dr. Yee will then choose 2 more trial contact lenses for the patient to try for another week.

Most optometry offices like to finalize contacts the day of the initial examination. At Avant-Garde Optometry, we are a strong proponent of trying the product first to see if it works well before the individual purchase’s boxes of contacts. If a patient has never worn contacts before, we do offer personalized, individualized insertion and removal classes. To avoid an ocular emergency where a patient cannot take out their contacts, we require all patients new to contacts to insert a contact lens once and take out a contact lens once. Once we know the patient has mastered the technique to insert and remove a contact, we can release the contact lens trials to the patient. We also fit in colored contact lenses. If you are interested in trying any of the color contacts in addendum to clear contacts please let our front office know. New contact lenses are entering the market every year so please ask about our newest products.

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