computer vision exam

Computer Vision Exam

For patients that need a special lens to see their computer or workspace, we have several specialized lenses that can be prescribed based on the patients needs. All near and intermediate vision is tested at 40cm to find the most comfortable add power. After this test, the doctor will ask all patients what lens they are looking for and what their visual expectations are. Most patient work in desk spaces that require several distances of clarity. For these patients, Dr. Yee prescribes an ID screen lens, made by Hoya to optimize the vision of a busy desk space. For patients who need optimal clarity at only one distance, Dr. Yee will prescribe a lens for one set focal point. The patient will tell the doctor how far the computer is from their eyes, or an optician will measure this, and the lens will be made for that set focal point. If you would like to know more, please ask the doctor or opticians for more information.

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