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Dry Eye Exams

Dr. Yee, Frisco Optometrist, is extremely passionate about managing and treating dry eye. Dry eye can present in an acute or chronic form. Several factors such as weather changes, increase in allergies, longer work days and increase in the amount of time on a computer, phone and/or TV screen, has led to more dry eye cases.

Everyone has 3 layers in their tear film and dry eye can be caused by a deficiency in only one of the layers. Our extensive testing will discover which part of the tear film that is deficient. Managing dry eye includes using specific therapy to increase or stabilize the tear film, prescribing medication to inhibit inflammation and increase the tear quality, expressing meibomian glands to increase the bottom tear film, punctal plugs to increase the time the tears are on the eye and many more new and innovative methods are used in our dry eye clinic. Dr. Yee attends conferences every year to learn the newest technology and research to treat dry eye.

Our dry eye products sold at our clinic include:

1. Retaine NaCl which decreases corneal inflammation

2. Oasis tears plus which stabilize all 3 layers of the tear film and contain no preservatives.

3. Retaine Flaxseed vitamins which holistically and naturally treat eyelid inflammation and dry eye.

4. Oasis Rest and Relief Mask which when heated can break up clogged Meibomian glands.

5. Oasis Lid & Lash with Tea Tree which naturally decreases inflammation of the eyelids and rid the eyelid margin of oily substances that clog Meibomian glands.

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