Avant-Garde Optometry in Frisco, TX wants to empower strong men and women to feel confident and excited to explore who they are and who they could become once they dare greatly and find the ultimate adventure they are meant to pursue.

Our Story

Dr. Jamie Yee, Frisco Optometrist, first got inspired by travel while hiking and exploring New Mexico. The land of enchantment had such a different culture and landscape than the lone star state. This planted the seed for Dr. Yee to explore and find adventure in every state and every country. After seeing and experiencing Machu Picchu, the great wall of China, the Parthenon, Christ the Redeemer and the beauty of Croatian shores, she put all the art and design into Avant-Garde Optometry. We as a company, believe traveling to strange and different lands help you to find yourself. And the farther you go, the greater the clarity of yourself you will see. The better you know yourself, the greater you can express yourself. Let us improve your focus and vision of the world so you can go out and wander boldly.

Meet The Team

Dr. Jamie Yee

Dr. Jamie Yee

Founder & CEO
Martha Garza

Martha Garza

Chief Operation Officer
Dr. Joseph Vu

Dr. Joseph Vu

Associate Doctor
Nadia Taefi

Nadia Taefi

Mahnaz Delkahi

Mahnaz Delkahi


Frequently Asked Questions


If your contact lenses initially fit well but later cause blurriness or discomfort, several factors might be at play. Seasonal changes, windy conditions, pollution, and high allergy levels can all affect lens comfort, making some days less ideal for wear. Discomfort with clear vision may indicate dryness or inflammation of the ocular surface. In such cases, use the eye drops recommended by your doctor during your last visit, or contact our office to obtain a recommendation from your doctor. Blurred vision could result from bodily changes like spikes in blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Should you notice a change in your vision, it’s important to schedule a new eye exam with us.

We can either refit you in contact lenses that are thinner, have more oxygen, or retain moisture better. Always call our office and ask about your refitting options. If you like the contacts but feel they dry out too quickly, we highly recommend an office visit to our dry eye clinic so we can treat your dry eye properly, ensuring your contact lenses remain comfortable throughout the day.

For updates on your contact lens delivery, please contact our office directly. Like any manufacturing process, the production of contact lenses can face delays due to weather conditions or unexpected challenges. Rest assured, we will provide you with sufficient trial lenses to ensure your comfort and vision needs are met until your order arrives at your doorstep.

Always contact our office and we can reach out to the contact lens representative and get back to you in 24 hours.

Of course, if you have an Alcon or Johnson & Johnson lens you can now re-order through email. If you have a CooperVision or Bausch + Lomb lens, call our office or reach out to us via email and we will call you back with a contact lens quote.


Experiencing a ‘different, blurred, skewed, or wonky’ vision with new glasses is normal. If your doctor confirmed a change in prescription, give your eyes time to adjust to the new lenses. Relaxing your eyes helps ease into the change, improving comfort. If there’s no prescription change, the issue might stem from not adapting to the new lenses or their fit in the frames. Incorrect pupillary distance or optical center height could also cause discomfort. Wear the glasses for 7-10 days to adjust. If problems persist, note whether adjusting the glasses’ position closer to or further from your eyes makes a difference. Also, does it look better from the top or bottom of the frame? Sharing these observations with your optician is crucial for finding a comfortable solution.

Your comfort is our top priority. The first step is to visit ouroptical center, where our  trained opticians can adjust and fit the frames better to your face for optimal comfort.. Different frames have their own unique feel, and some are just too heavy in the nose, ears, or rest uncomfortably  on your cheeks. If we cannot achieve a better fit, we will happily exchange your frames for ones that provide a more comfortable fit.

The most common aesthetic complaint about new glasses are the thickness of the lenses or the appearance of anti-reflective coating. If you don’t like the way it looks, we can always upgrade you to a thinner lens and/or change your anti-reflective treatment to something less noticeable. We invite you to consult with our opticians to explore all available options.

We utilize a daily-updated Hoya spreadsheet to track the production stages of your glasses. Any issues such as lens cutting difficulties or scratches during manufacturing may cause delays.  If it’s been longer than 5-10 days without notification via call, text, or email that your glasses are ready, please reach out to us and we will contact you within 24 hours.

If you purchased glasses from us within the past year, we offer a free replacement for damaged frames. However, the frame manufacturers require proof of the damage. The only exception is if the frame has been discontinued from the fashion line; in such cases, we will work with you to find an alternative solution. Please note that frames with bite marks, teeth marks, or damage from extreme heat—indicating clear abuse—are not eligible for this warranty.

Yes, as long as there are no bite or teeth marks, Hoya will replace your scratched lenses for a full year as long as the anti-reflective treatment was protecting the lens.

Everyone should come in every six months to get their lenses re-adjusted to their face. Frames will naturally go out of alignment and we need to bend them back into alignment. An optician is always available for adjustments.


This is the most common question asked to optometrists. The answer is twofold. First, no one wants their contacts and glasses prescription to change and change does require adaptation. Secondly, we will always work with you as long as you have an old prescription, the doctors will try to bring your prescription as close to your old prescription. The only time we cannot change the prescription is when an older prescription is blurring the vision and is no longer meeting the patient’s current visual needs.

Eyestrain or slightly blurred vision with multifocal/monovision is completely normal and expected. Multifocal contacts are made of concentric rings that focus your vision at distance and near at the same time. Your brain cues in on what you want to see and attempts to ignore the ‘blurred concentric ring’ that focuses on the distance other than what you are looking at . Multifocal/monovision contacts are great for seeing both distance and near but everything will be slightly out of focus due to the design. Most of our multifocal patients wear the contacts 25%-50% of the time so their eyes can have a break with glasses.

Did you know many people, especially myopes decrease in prescription as they older? As the eye changes and evolves, it can be difficult to adapt to a prescription that has less minus or more plus. Relax the eyes and if the vision continues to feel blurred in contacts and glasses, call our office and we will find a solution. The doctors have told all medical technicians that we approve more or less .25 changes to prescription because it is a mild change and also can improve comfort.

With Sync, ID screen, and progressive, there is a learning/adaptation period. When you look straight ahead in the distance you will see a ‘swim effect’ on the bottom of the lenses in the glasses. This wave effect will be less noticeable the more you wear the glasses. If after 7-10 days you cannot adapt to the ‘feel’ of multifocal glasses, we can easily fit you in a pair of glasses for distance and a pair of glasses for near/computer/reading.

Because Avant-Garde is open six days a week, there will always be two doctors working at the practice. All doctors recognize that not every patient-practitioner relationship is a perfect fit and we don’t take it personally. Please let reception know the doctor you prefer to see for future examinations. Please note that Dr. Jamie Yee is the owner and gets booked up the fastest.

Prior authorization is a frustrating process where the doctor and pharmacy vouch for you to get the eye drops but your insurance company pushes back and wants to know why you need it. If you would like to know the status please call or email our office. We will let you know where it is in the process. Also, some pharmacies start a prior authorization and don’t let the doctors know so it stays in limbo until a patient calls.

The optomap replaces dilation. Very few optometrists dilate due to the lengthy process of waiting for the eyes to dilate, and the uncomfortable side effects of dilation (experiencing difficulty with near vision and excessive brightness for 2-5 hours.). Insurance does not cover optomap but does cover dilation. Know that optomap photos and/or dilation is highly recommended once a year. Most eye diseases have no symptoms and do not blur your vision. and We can only see these diseases or conditions with an optomap. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic an optomap photo is 100% non-negotiable, as the primary care physician needs to know the level of retinopathy and we need all retinopathy on record.

Always ask the doctor in the examination what your contacts and glasses prescription means. Dr. Yee goes over the level of myopia/hyperopia, your astigmatism, your axis, and any presbyopia during the exam. Feel free to ask her any questions during this exam. After the exam if you have any questions, the opticians would be more than happy to explain your prescription in greater detail.


We always want our patients to be informed about their insurance. We cannot always look up the insurance when the appointment is made but let reception know you need to know this information prior to the appointment date. We typically look up everyone’s insurance two days before the appointment.

Medical insurance is the most fickle and confusing part of the medical world. We always look up copays prior to the exam but because deductibles are a large part of how much a patient needs to pay, a patient commonly will owe more once the exam is filed. If we overcharged a patient, we always call the patient when we get the claim and refund the amount. For patients that don’t call back, we keep a credit on their account.


We will always supply any information that is requested. Due to HIPAA, we can only email medical information for the email that the HIPAA was signed. If you do not want an email on file that is HIPAA safe we can hand you the documents or we can mail the documents.

Should you ever feel that your optician isn’t meeting your needs, please don’t hesitate to inform us through phone or email. In response, we will promptly pair you with a new optician for your future visits, ensuring the previous one no longer serves you. At Avant-Garde, we recognize the importance of finding an optician who truly understands your vision care requirements. Rest assured, with our team of 3-4 dedicated full-time and part-time opticians, switching to a better-suited professional is a seamless process for us. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities, and we’re committed to making sure every match is the right one.

If you are lost please call our office  at (214) 407-7399 and we can help direct you. We always tell patients we are next to Rockfish Frisco and in front of Main Event on the Dallas north tollway.