Best optometrist frisco

We are a new-age optometry practice and we are throwing out the old ideas. Ideas like you work because you have to, or that you keep your head down and work until you can’t take anymore. We embrace several innovative ideas for running a small business where our staff is happy and our clients are highly satisfied. We believe Avant-Garde is the best Optometrist in Frisco, TX, and in this article, we will share why. 

best optometrist in frisco

Avant-Garde is the Best Optometrist in Frisco – Here’s Why:

1. We believe in the ‘The Happiness Advantage’.

The Happiness Advantage was written by Shawn Achor and has inspired Avant-Garde Optometry to live by the principles. Achor talks about how happier people lead more successful lives, think of more creative solutions and are obviously much more fun to work with. Who doesn’t want to go to an optometrist’s office with happy people? Because happiness actually takes great effort and takes a deep desire within.

2. Our optometry staff actively works on our EQ or Emotional Intelligence.

‘Emotional Intelligence’ was written by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves and Avant-Garde takes these ideas very seriously. This book stresses that being in tune with your emotions and frustrations along with being in tune with others’ emotions and frustrations will help you to better disseminate your ideas and help the group as a whole. Though most or all optometry offices care for their patients, Avant-Garde works tirelessly to find new ways to help and make new suggestions for our patients. We are a transparent company and always seek to provide the best expertise for our clients.

3. We believe gratitude is the attitude

Because we are a locally run business in Frisco, TX, we have an unflinching gratitude towards all our patients. We know your business pays our bills and helps us grow in the community. Dr. Yee knew she did not want to open a franchise or corporate-run office, but realized it would be years before she saw the volume of a Texas state Optical or a Lenscrafters. We follow leaders such as Jen Sincero, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Gary Vaynerchuk whenever we feel out of alignment with our gratitude towards our powerbase – YOU. .

4. Styling our patients inspire us

While visiting our optometry office,  most people notice one thing immediately – that our optical is very unique. You will rarely see patients walking around without the aid of a stylist. Every frame in our business was handpicked by everyone who works at Avant-Garde. When we look at frames we like to imagine the type of man or woman who would look best in each frame. A few bestsellers line the walls of Avant-Garde but most frames are in exuberant colors or beautiful shapes. When patients walk in the first question we ask is ‘Tell me about yourself: What’s your style? Can you see yourself wearing anything unique?’ When we style a patient in a frame that fits their face and personality perfectly, we get inspired.

Here is What Some Our Clients Have to Say:

I was extremely happy with my experience here. The office was easy to find, very clean, and welcoming. The front desk staff was also extremely professional and kind. My exam was so easy and comfortable and I felt very educated by the Optometrist. I will return and recommend others to visit as well!” – Brijet

“I’ve been going here for years now. I love it! Dr. Yee is very knowledgeable and my prescriptions are perfect every year.” – Cidney

“The best optometrist that I have ever been to hands down!” – Alan

Are You Ready to Experience the Best Optometrist in Frisco?

Don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself why we are the best optometrist in Frisco! Our staff is ready to assist you every step of the way in your eye care journey. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule an appointment.