Affected by Hurricane Harvey? your EyeMed may be of help

Hurricane Harvey has affected millions of Texas and at least $23 billion worth of property has been affected by flooding from Hurricane Harvey just in parts of Texas’ Harris and Galveston counties, that we know so far.

And with all this bad news, is good to know that at least one insurance company so far is willing to lend a hand to our fellow texans. EyeMed is the second largest vision benefit provider and is owned and operated Luxottica and is offering a “DISASTER RESPONSE POLICY”.

The policy was created to ensure members can obtain replacement eyewear as needed, EyeMed has activated their disaster response policy throughout Texas. EyeMed members who need to replace their eyewear because of the storm should call their disaster response team at 866-652-0018. Patients have several options for obtaining new eyewear quickly, including from in-network independent providers.

So if you already have done an eye exam or purchase eye wear this year, your benefits can be used again. Feelfree to contact the number above or reach out to us directly by calling: (214) 407-7399 we will do our best to point you out to the right direction and get your vision back in order.

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