The Eclipse is coming, how will it affect Frisco and your Vision?

We met with Dr. Yee recently to discuss the upcoming eclipse on August 21st 2017 at 1:09:27 pm CST. and how it will affect Frisco residents and how to preparate to watch the partial solar eclipse.

  • The full eclipse will miss Frisco, is it safe to look at the sun during the partial eclipse?
  • Can I wear my sunglasses during the eclipse and stare at the sun?
  • What is the safest thing to do if I want to see the partial eclipse?
  • I am traveling to a state where the eclipse will be complete, what should I do to prepare?

Dr. Yee:You must be very careful when viewing the eclipse. Staring at it for even a few seconds can cause solar retinopathy. Solar retinopathy causes you to see a permanent smudge, black spot or blurred spot where the UV rays damage your retina. This damage is irreversible and so its important that you watch with caution.Sunglasses only filter 10-20% of all UV rays so it is better to watch the eclipse with these than with the naked eye. Eye doctors discourage viewing the eclipse with standard sunglasses. Only Eclipse glasses are suggested because it cuts out 100% of UV rays. Eclipse sunglasses are 100,000 times darker than average sunwear.

What the Eclipse will look like from Frisco this monday

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