Frisco, get ready for Christian Dior Eyewear

Avant-Garde Optometry continues to push the fashion envelope and bring fresh style to Frisco. Christian Dior caught our eye with their timeless looks and their dedication to give women a classy silhouette. Dior is a French luxury house that is run by Bernard Arnault, who also heads the largest luxury group in the world.

The company was founded by Christian Dior in 1946 and the first store opened its doors at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. The first collection made fashion history and was called ‘the new look.’ It was a full skirt falling to calf length and a small jacket nipped at the waist which emphasized the bust and hip. In 1949 Dior expanded worldwide and opened stores in New York and Melbourne. Dior is now one of the largest fashion houses and continues to awe the fashion world.

Today, Dior’s vision continues to explore looks that exude elegance and femineity. Dior enjoys designing strong fashion statements that bring the wearer into a dream or an enchantment.  Their newest collection, Spring 2021, was inspired by the Tarot card. The head designer stated the collection showed ‘the arcane mystical paths that surfaces in cataclysmic times when humanity strives to negotiate with the hand of fate.’ The designers saw how COVID emotionally impacted the world and personal relationships. They said in the times of difficulty, the world likes to look for magic for guidance and solace.

Dior entranced us as soon as we looked at the eyewear collection of Spring 2021. The lead sales representative describes the eyewear and understated statement pieces. The collection is bold yet soft. We also loved the diversity of the colors and shapes. Want to view the collection? To schedule with a stylist, call 214-407-7399 or schedule on ZOCDOC with reason: Dior viewing. 

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