A new convenient dry eye solution for you. Introducing the Thermal 1 touch

My dry eye patients find the need for constant eye drops and eye therapy to be an extreme inconvenience. Most of the population experiences dry eye either from excessive computer usage, working long hours, wearing contacts, or from even weather changes. No matter what the root cause of your dryness we have a quick and easy solution. The thermal 1 touch machine breaks up all the clogged meibomian glands in your eyelids and allows the tear film to stabilize. New studies have found as much as 95% of the population has dry eye due to meibomian gland dysfunction. Though it exists in the majority of the population, it presents itself with a large variety of symptoms. If you experience dry eye, burning eyes, persistent foreign body sensation, or commonly gets styes, this would be the right therapy for you. Before this machine came to Avant-Garde the recommended therapy was warm compresses 3 x a week and dry eye drops 2 X a day. It is common knowledge that few of my patients follow this strict regimen. If you want to try this amazing dry eye treatment schedule now at (ZocDoc page insert) and add Thermal one for reason of visit.

What Dr Yee says about dry eye and the Thermal one touch:

Since I was in high school, I always suffered from either dry eye or contact lens intolerance. At the time, I was being treated for several allergy/asthma related conditions. My eye doctor assumed I was having dry eye from the extensive allergy drugs that are well known to cause dry eye and dry skin. In college, I slowly weaned off the allergy medications but my eyes continued to feel dry. Sadly, because dry eye afflicts most people, it is commonly ignored or pushed under a rug. When I got to optometry school, professors made suggestions on good effective dry eye therapy. And by the time I graduated, I was on 3-4 dry eye drops regularly. Later in my career, I started taking Restasis and then later Xiidra and Cequa. Despite having the best dry eye therapy, my dry eye persisted like a pebble in my shoe.

From $1500 to $150, how I beat dry eye.

A few years ago, I went to one of the largest dry eye clinics in DFW to get a LipiView scan of my meibomian glands and to fully express any meibomian glands that were clogged through LipiFlow. The medical technician said I had one of the worst cases of clogged meibomian glands and that I was an ideal candidate for the LipiFlow treatment. Once treated, I felt as though a fog had lifted and my eyes no longer felt like heavy sandbags. I also no longer noticed the nagging feel of dryness on my eyes. After my life changing treatment, I immediately reached out to the representatives of Lipiflow to see about integrating this equipment into my dry eye clinic. I was crushed to learn that 1 LipiView/LipiFlow treatment would cost my patients $1500-$1750. Because I would only recommend this treatment to my severe dry eye patients I looked to see if medical insurance would pay or contribute a percentage of my patients’ treatment. As of now medical insurance does not pay for this treatment and all the cost falls to the patient. I asked all my severe dry eye patients if they would be willing to pay this price if it would significantly alleviate most of their dry eye symptoms for a year. All my patients told me the price was too high for dry eye treatment and would prefer a different course of therapy. At this time, I had realized the power of full meibomian gland expression but needed to find a medical device that would help the masses and would be affordable to the average patient. In 2020, I heard a doctor lecture about the new Thermal 1-touch from Ocusoft. She runs an extensive dry eye clinic in Houston and lectures around the United States about her experience with different dry eye therapies. She treats the vast majority of her patients with this device and has gotten incredible feedback from her patients. We commonly treat dry eye by patients’ by the severity of their symptoms and by the speed in which the tear film breaks up after a blink. The clinical results were outstanding. The tear break up time had unbelievable improvement after the treatment. Patients also had an immediate improvement in the discomfort of dry eye. The best thing about this therapy is it only cost $150. Another great thing about this device is if a person has exceptionally stubborn meibomian glands (like mine) we can run the treatment again at no cost. For any questions or inquiries about this treatment, please call 214-407-7399.

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