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Contact lenses

In a contact lens examination, we will analyze your corneal topography through the Kr1W wave-front analyzer. We will then find a contact lens that fits the curvature and size of your cornea. Because dry eye syndrome, eyelid disease and ocular allergies commonly affect the population, we will choose monthly, biweekly, or dailies based on the health of your eye.

Monthly Contacts

Monthly contacts are the most basic and most popular contacts the vast majority of the population wears. Monthly contacts are usually suggested in patients who are unaffected by dry eye and ocular allergies. There are specialized monthly contacts that have been approved to sleep in for 30 days. Monthly contacts are known to be thicker than biweekly or dailies. Though they are thicker, Avant-Garde only fits monthly contacts that have a high oxygen permeability and fit comfortably. These contacts are also the most affordable.


Biweekly Contacts

Biweekly contacts are fit when patients have mild cases of dry eye or when monthly contacts feel too thick and uncomfortable. These contacts have a great price point and are only a few dollars more than monthly contacts. Biweekly are also commonly fit in athletes and patients who work outside because most of the lenses have great UV protection and a comfortable edge design.


Daily Contacts

Dailies are our most popular and most recommended contacts. These contacts are the easiest to maintain and manage. With dailies, you open a new pair in the morning and throw them away at night. They are the thinnest and usually the most comfortable contacts. These contacts are suggested to anyone who suffers from moderate dry eye, ocular allergies, eyelid disease or for anyone who has damage on their cornea. Also, these are suggested for anyone with a medical condition that involves weak blood vessels, such as Diabetes and Hypertension.


Toric Contacts

Toric contacts are fit on anyone with an astigmatism higher than -1.00. In order to have good clarity, with high astigmatism, a patient must wear a contact lens that corrects 2 focal points. Toric contacts come in monthly, biweekly, and dailies.


Multifocal contacts

Multifocal contacts are fit in patients who have been diagnosed with presbyopia. Multifocal contacts allow a person to see distance, intermediate and near. The more a patient increases in presbyopia, the more multifocal contacts are suggested as a primary option. Multifocals allow people to see all distances with both eyes. The design and formula to maximize vision is different for each contact lens. The general pattern consists of a patient seeing distance in the middle of the pupil with a concentric ring of near around it and then another concentric ring of distance around that ring. These contacts have monthly, biweekly and daily options.


Monovision contacts

Monovision contacts are also fit in patients who have been diagnosed with presbyopia. This fit is different from multifocal contact lens because this fitting corrects one eye for distance and one eye for near. Monovision is commonly fit in presbyopic patients who have an astigmatism. Currently there is only one toric multifocal contact lens, but the vast majority prefer toric monovision contacts for increased clarity and minimal frustration. Monovision contacts can be fit with monthly, biweekly, dailies, toric and can be combined with multifocals.



Staff’s favorite contacts!

Dr. Yee: “I am a huge fan of Acuvue Trueyes. These are the only lenses that are thin and moist enough to feel comfortable on my eye. I have chronic dry eye syndrome and I commonly get clogged Meibomian glands. These conditions make it difficult to comfortably wear contacts. I had to refit myself 5x because all the other contacts caused my eyes to feel dry. If you want a more comfortable lens try Acuvue Trueyes!”

Anastasiia: “I love Total Dailies because they feel the most comfortable on my eyes. These contact lens feel so hydrated that it feels like there is nothing there. After wearing them for 8 hours it feels the most moisturizing in comparison to the others. In the past, I have had bad experiences with other contact lenses where I would feel a foreign body sensation or dryness as soon as I put the contact on. Total dailies always feel fresh and clean, and after a long day I can simply throw them away. I like that I don’t have to clean them or worry about getting germs in my eyes. I always have a clean pair on hand.”

Martha: “I am a huge fan of Acuvue 1-day moist for astigmatism. Having an astigmatism and wearing contacts have always been an issue. I commonly experienced discomfort with other brands of contacts. Acuvue 1 day moist for astigmatism not only corrected the issue but also provided me with the best clarity. Past contacts made my eyes feel like they were constantly re-focusing. I rarely feel like my eyes are dry and exhausted from wearing contacts all day.”