AG Optometry : Affordable Eye Doctor Exam in Frisco, Texas

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Daytona Optomap

In the field of ocular photography, the Daytona Optomap is a game changer, which is why we invested in this latest eye care technology to better serve our patients. It has the widest field of view, the best depth of focus, and lets us look for holes and tears in the far periphery of your eye without dialation. That makes your exam go faster and easier in every way, and your comfort following your appointment optimal.

TOPCON Analyzer

The Topcon KR-1W 5 in 1 Wavefront Analyzer performs two important functions: it gives accurate measurement for the correction of your sight and it maps the difference in prescription in 6 different areas on your cornea. This enables us the ability to deliver an optimum product to you upon completion of your eye care experience with our optometry practice.

Slit LAMP D2

Our Slit Lamp D2 and chart systems are fully digitized. This greatly improves the efficiency of your examination.

Our EMR Eyefinity allows us to put all information and test results derived from your exam onto one digital chart. This helps assure that all factors concerning your vision are given the utmost attention with ease of access to all documents concerning your exams and treatment protocols.