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Tiffany’s eyewear, the perfect gift for her

Tiffany's eyewear FriscoSearching for romantic gift ideas for her? Tiffany’s is the perfect gift idea for the holidays. Tiffany & Company was started in 1859 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and is known as the jewelry store of america. In conjunction with jewelry, tiffany’s has expanded into manufacturing other luxury goods such as eyewear, china, crystal, fragrances, watches, personal accessories and leather goods. In Tiffany’s eyewear each ophthalmic frame comes with a matching sunglass to make the perfect pair. The temples are also inspired by the jewelry design some of which includes roman numerals, atlas, hear and a yet. Any of the crystals that are embedded in the eyewear are made by swarowski. The iconic tiffany’s blue color was inspired by the robin egg which is protected as a color trademark. Tiffany’s blue also carries into the eyewear collection. each blue and black frame will have a silver trim. Similarly each blue and tort will have a gold trim. Each frame is thoughtfully crafted in Italy and carefully wrapped in tiffany’s blue by us. come visit us in Frisco,TX to pick out the perfect luxury gift for her with taste and style. Tiffany's sunglasses frisco






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