Wear Glasses & need Passport photos taken in Frisco, Texas?

Getting Passport photos taken in Frisco, Texas? You may want to wear contacts

Passport photo frisco texasDid you the #1 problem with passport applications is Glasses?

Take your glasses off for your next passport picture or consider getting an eye exam here in Frisco, Texas and see if you are eligible to use contacts instead.

Starting Nov. 1, 2016 all travelers having new photos taken for passports must remove their eyeglasses. The U.S. Department of State is changing the rules because it received more than 200,000 “unacceptable” passport photos last year, mostly because eyeglasses caused a glare, blocked a portion of the face or covered the eyes in shadow.

Glasses passport photo texasNew rules state that if a passenger has a serious medical condition that requires glasses, such as recent surgery, Avant Garde Optometry can provide a statement that will allow you to wear glasses if thats the only option. Otherwise, take those glasses off before stepping into the photo booth.

Contact us at 214.407.7399 to schedule an appointment and mention that you are looking to get your passport photos taken soon and we will expedite your visit. Avant-Garde optometry is a avid fan of world travel and we will do whatever we can to make sure your travel plans are not interrupted.

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