AG Optometry : Meet our Eye Doctor, Jamie Yee

Meet Dr. Yee!


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Choosing an eye doctor is about more than just picking a name out of the phone book. You want to make sure you have a great rapport and that they understand what you’re looking for. Read on to find out why Avant-Garde Optometry’s Dr. Jamie Yee fuses eye health with high fashion to offer the best fashion eyewear in Plano and Frisco.


Why did you decide on Optometry?

I chose optometry because it was the perfect fusion between the medical world and the fashion world. I love being able to manage a Glaucoma patient and treat a dry eye patient while simultaneously making sure they see as best they can. After examining patients for all potential eye diseases and getting a spectacle prescription, I love to style patients in eyewear that will make them feel good. So in sum, I want to reassure and assess patients for eye disease but also make sure they feel good about their eyes and their eyewear.

What sparked your love of fashion?

I started to experiment with fashion in college, at Austin. Austin has a fun casual vibe and I started to experiment with California casual looks. It shocked me how different you will feel in a T-shirt and jeans vs. a cute top and flowy skirt. It made me realize that fashion can be fun and can even change your mood and your confidence.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

I am inspired by fashion that I see on my travels. Whether it’s Hungarian eyewear or Ecuadorian eyewear or Chinese eyewear, I am inspired by what people love and feel comfortable in. I also enjoy buying styles that are not yet popular in the US but are in great demand in other countries.

Avant-Garde Optometry has been to quite a few places, where is your favorite destination?

My favorite destination has been Prague, Czech Republic. This city is a place out of a romance novel or out of a fairy tale. The city surrounds a beautiful castle and has many picturesque bridges and shimmering lakes. This city definitely brought out the romantic side of me.


What sunglasses are you sporting this season?

This summer, I am sporting Prada sunglasses and plan to bring them on all my trips! Pradas are so well made that they feel extremely comfortable on your face. They also have simplistic beautiful colors but have a flattering shape or an eye-catching temple. Prada translates well in every country, every climate, and every social situation. Prada is very savoir-faire!


Is there a particular collection you are the most excited about this year and why?

I am extremely excited about this year’s Fendi collection. Fendi I experimenting with the metropolis inspired look. The eyewear is edgy, artistic and extremely fashion forward. I honestly smiled when I saw the spring 2016 collection. Fendi has the ability to make you feel confident and fabulous in your new look.

Do you have any tips for choosing the right frames?

I would recommend trying frames that are out of your comfort zone and see how they look on you. Many patients tell me they want a basic black frame. I tell them, “but your personality is not basic and plain.” I want my patients to be comfortable and confident in their frames but I also want them to try something new. I ask all my patients what their wardrobe is like so we can match the frames to the wardrobe.  If they are a romantic and cute type of girl then I want to fit them in sweet and alluring frames. If someone is bold and sassy then I want them in bold unapologetic frames. Match your frames to your personality and have fun with eyewear. I also strongly recommend everyone get 2 glasses so they can have one for work (which is more serious) and one to go out in. Everyone has such amazing complex personalities and I want the frames to reflect that.


Whether you are new to the area or just looking for a new eye doctor, come check out Avant-Garde for fashion eyewear in Plano. Our highly trained staff will help you get past the basic and find a look (or two) that reflects your personality! Don’t forget, we accept most insurance plans.



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