Avant-Garde Optometry : Fashion in the Far East

Avant-Garde Optometry in Beijing

Avant-Garde Optometry traveled to the Far East last month to explore new styles and frame lines, and of course we had to bring our fabulous style to Beijing. From Fendi and Chloe sunglasses to the Tory Burch spring collection and Tom Ford eyewear, we took our Frisco looks global.

Fendi abroad and Texas

Carita took on the Great Wall of China in her Fendi Sunglasses from the Color Collection. With their high-quality materials and unique furs and leather, Fendi is known for taking on the fashion world. This inventive point of view shows in their eyewear lines as they experiment with innovative materials and patterns.

Chloe Sunglasses North Dallas

Dr. Yee is wearing one of our most dramatic looks. You can find her bold Chloe sunglasses in Frisco, but they made quite the statement at the Summer Palace. This flawless, California casual brand exudes a soft and alluring look. Whether you are jet setting or just tooling around Texas, these bold frames make a statement.



Tom Ford Enrique Carbajal

Finally we have Enrique in the most in-demand designer from the United States, Tom Ford. This designer can make anyone look sharp with his avant-garde vision and unbelievable attention to detail. Make sure to check out all of our Tom Ford prescription eyewear designs the next time you’re in the office.

If you are looking for a style update or a fashion refresh let our expert team give you the best eye doctor experience in Frisco and share our global style. We accept most insurance plans.

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